Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2012: For the Sexy Intellectual

She may not actually work at a library, but this girl always has her head in a delicious novel, is a brilliant conversationalist and is undeniably cute as a button. Here's a selection of gifts to match this bibliophile's dazzling, erudite character:

This gal's Tina Fey hot - as are these frames.

Channeling some serious '30s nostalgia with the Stella McCartney Nathalie Canvas Wedges.

Because she loves to read by candlelight (and this smells so yummy).

For all her bursts of poetic inspiration, she'll toss her Moleskin(R) aside for this.

'cause those late nights at the library can be chilly.

xx And a merry gift-giving season to all!

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