Saturday, December 22, 2012

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2012: For the Mountain Man

This charmingly unkempt man often sports some facial hair, loves his hiking and can be caught wearing plaid on any given day. Ruggedly handsome and devilishly adventurous, he seems impossible to shop for. Lo and behold, here's a gift-buying road map to help you on your quest:

A rucksack for all of his manly accoutrements. 

Added bonus: $10 from every purchase goes to the wonderful non-profit Knock Foundation. Learn about how Stone Cloth came to be here.

This jacket - it gets frigid in the great outdoors.

A little somethin' to groom those straying whiskers. 

Because, after all, no meal is complete without hot sauce.

This handy device, for all of his wildlife sightings.

xx Love to all

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