Saturday, January 5, 2013


This is the first in the Dinner with Friends series, in which I meet up with another vegan blogger or influencer for some bantering and binging at a local vegan (or v-friendly) restaurant.

The other week, I had dinner with Kristin, the illustrious author of the blog Will Travel For Vegan Food and my dear friend Jessica, creator of The Vedge brand.

Kristin and I first met a couple of years ago when she was a key organizer at the Vegan Expo in Albany, NY. She's now a bonafide vegan trailblazer, eating and blogging her way through all 50 states. Basically, my fantasy life incarnate. Like her blog, she's bomb and a total delight.

We met up at SunCafe - a personal fave - in Studio City, CA. SunCafe is a charming little spot up in the valley, boasting the holy triad: Organic. Vegan. AND a hybrid raw/cooked menu. Jess and I eagerly indulged Kristin's mission by tackling multiple cooked and raw items on the menu. Many delicious bites were had, but my top picks from the night were:

Sweet Kale Shake

This green monster of a drink was an intoxicating blend of kale, bananas, cashews and agave. Divine. I'd go back solely for the shake.

Sun Nachos

The platter of nachos was a beast - and I couldn't stop devouring it. It's a masterful concoction of SunChorizo, nacho cheese, cashew cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, olives, jalapeƱos, and green onions. You can either get the standard version with baked blue corn chips, or raw with thinly sliced jicama chips. We opted for half and half; who ever said you can't have everything?

From the left: Kristin, me and Jess

It was an evening of scrumptious food and excellent conversation. The three of us joyously cleaned the plates and rambled on for hours till we closed down the joint (they politely asked us to leave).

For more yummy food porn be sure to follow Kristin, Jessica (and me!) on the ol' Instagram.

Here's to many more evenings filled with exceptional food and even better friends.

xx E

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Dropping a quick note to let all my LA vegans (and vegan-curious folk) know about an opportunity to win a FREE cooking class with Victoria Moran THIS SATURDAY! The lovely Kristin, author of the Will Travel For Vegan Food blog, is holding a giveaway for one seat in the class. The event will be held at The All-Star Vegan Cooking Class Series in Pasadena this weekend. 

Victoria is the author of Creating a Charmed Life, Fit from Within and her latest, Main Street Vegan, is set to drop on 4/26. 

To enter to win, please:

(1) 'like' this page:

(2) leave a comment below the post about the giveaway on the Will Travel For Vegan Food Facebook page answering the following question: What omni dish have you yet to find the perfect vegan version of/wish could be veganized? Kristin will be selecting the lucky winner at random by 12pm on Friday, 1/4/13.

xx Best of luck!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I rang in the New Year with dangerously high heels, electrifying funky music, wonderful friends, and (as I do) some sensational vegan comfort food.

A few snapshots from the last night of 2012 and into the morning of 2013:

Keepsake dress, My Delicious Jones pumps and Zoya Monka nail polish

Organic Prosecco and donuts from Babycakes.

The sinfully delectable (and festive) nachos from Real Food Daily for dinner.

Sweet jams from Vintage Trouble at The Roxy. #killingit

Dinner part deux: banana pancakes (I had them add chocolate chips - duh) from Swingers. The detox starts tomorrow...

Throughout the evening of festivities (and noshing with a vengeance), we took some time to discuss our wishes for the new year. Earlier in the day, my yoga instructor had asked us to reflect on our intentions (she felt "resolutions" carried a harsher connotation). As I shared with my friends, here are my mantras for 2013:
  • Fear and procrastination are not an option.
  • Honor and explore creative impulse.
  • Ere on the side of simplicity.
  • Commit time to travel, as well as the study of language and music.
  • Write at least one line everyday.
  • Remember to breathe through pain, both literal and figurative.
  • Focus on health, health, health!
  • To meet this world with respect and compassion. 
Beautiful people. So very glad you're all in my life. 

Cheers to peace, health and compassion in the New Year!

xx So much love to all