Monday, February 11, 2013


I firmly subscribe to the idea that brunch isn't as much a time as it is a state of mind. Unless, of course, brunch is being laid out in honor of the Chinese New Year at Susan Feniger's restaurant Street. And, when Chef Feniger and Chef Kajsa present us with a Vegan Dim Sum brunch, we set our alarms, chug some joe, and get our booties to brunch at a reasonable hour.

Feast your eyes on this beauty of a menu:

The place was packed tight - and rightly so. As usual, the Street chefs did not disappoint and made every dish worth the early Sunday morning rising. All elevated interpretations of classic dim sum fare, the dishes were elegantly plated and complex in taste. Even what appeared, at first glance, to be the more pedestrian of dishes, had unexpected kick and depth of flavor. Behold, the glory:

Cantonese-Style Radish Cakes (that chili sauce - mmmm)

Sesame Fritters (I'm such a sucker for bean paste, so this was happiness in the shape of a ball)
Mushroom Shu Mai (earthy mushroom filling and tangy souce)
Vegetable Potstickers (spicy goodness)
Jackfruit Bao (I was so into this; though, there is rarely a jackfruit dish that I don't like)

Mung Bean Crepes (seriously considering begging for the crepe recipe - perfection)

Fried Rice (had some unexpected and pleasing heat at the end)
Youtaio Donuts (churro-like with extra sugar and soymilk for dipping - yes, please)
Coconut Tapioca Pearls with Shanghai Fruit (as a coconut and lychee fanatic, this may have been my runaway fave)
Rice Batter Pancakes (the black sesame syrup and cream was to die for!)

Both Chef Feniger and Chef Kajsa were in the house and were adorably hospitable, making their way around the tables and chatting with the customers.

From left to right: me, Jackie, Jules, Jessica and her little munchkin :)

Lovely friends + spectacular food = amazing Sunday. Here's to the Year of the Snake - it's off to a delightfully tasty start.

Now, please pardon me while I lapse back into my blissful food coma.

xx Love to all!