Monday, March 4, 2013

CHILDREN OF THE RAWVOLUTION - Matthew Kenney's Restaurant M.A.K.E.

For the last few years, a clan of highly innovative chefs have been reinventing the vegan culinary wheel with a vengeance, churning out daring flavors and boldly imaginative presentations of what used to be seen as a bland and limited spectrum of food options. More recently, that gastronomic venture has gallivanted into the realm of the raw.

Chef Matthew Kenney (see: two-time James Beard Award nominee) is on my shortlist of the most influential and inventive pioneers of the raw movement.  At his restaurant M.A.K.E. Chef Kenney has masterfully architected a triple-threat of a menu: vegan, health-conscious and raw. Oh, and lest I fail to mention his food is also a visual carnival and explosively delicious. In short, the man is a raw vegan foodie GOLDEN GOD. Enough of my gushing; let's get to the food porn, shall we?

Kimchi Dumplings
Black Pepper Kelp Noodles
Market Tomato Lasagna
Wild Mushroom Tacos

Melon Sorbet with Passion Fruit (sans the honey)

And a highly pixelated pic of the gang, for your viewing pleasure:

There you have it, kids. The proof is in the pics; the food at M.A.K.E. is stellar - scrumptious, gorgeous and, dare I say it, GOOD for you. Damn. The chefs approach each plate like a blank canvas, filling them with a sophisticated balance of vivacious colors and dynamic arrangements. The flavors match the vibrancy of the plating; each bite is both aggressive and delicate. The only caveat is that a few of their items (namely the seductive desserts) contain honey. Honey-averse vegans be wary. Other than that, the fare is impeccably seasonal, local and utterly vegan.

The setting, though in the food court of a (granted, rather swanky) mall, manages to exude an elegance and sensuality. It also offers versatility;  diners are given the options of a communal omakase-style bar, the spacious dining room, or the full service outdoor patio.

Bear in mind, dinner won't break the bank, but is not the cheapest evening out. Oh so worth it, though. Reserve this one for a special evening - it definitely has a wow factor.

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  1. Aw! I love that group photo! And it kinda makes me miss my two-toned hair. And the food.. So tasty! I miss that kelp noodle salad. :(